Nothing beats the feeling of extra space you get when you finish putting up the awning and step inside. However, they can take up a sizable portion of your accessories budget. The good news is if you’re on the hunt for any Black Friday caravan awning deals, I’ve scoured the net and found some good deals on awnings we’ve liked in the past.

Awnings have come a long way in the past few years. Not just in terms of how they are put up – although inflatable awnings have undoubtedly been a game changer – but also in the different materials they are made from, with ever increasing sophistication and waterproof properties.

So, if you’re after a Black Friday caravan awning bargain, you’re bound to find one for you here!

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Olpro View 300
Image: Olpro

Olpro View 300 £1,100 now £499 (save £601)

The View was Olpro’s first venture into caravan awnings when it was launched at the end of the last decade. However, we were so impressed with the debut model that the View came runner up in the awnings category in our Tourer of the Year awards in 2019.

We particularly liked it for its versatility, and this updated version retains much of that. The awning comes with a porch extension that can be attached to any side – perfect for an impressive entrance or to store things that you would rather not see taking up the living area.

The main awning itself is also slightly curved at the front, to give you the best possible views through some of the extra large windows. You also get a tinted skylight, and a U-shaped zip on the front panel so that you can easily create a verandah effect.

The 150D material both porch and awning are made of has a solid waterproof rating, and best of all thanks to the design of the inflatable tubes the whole thing should only take around 10 minutes to put up.

  • Awning type: Inflatable
  • Attachment height: 235-250cm
  • Material: 150D Oxford (5000mm hydrostatic head)
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Pack size: 57x38x38cm

View the deal at Olpro now.

Outdoor Revolution Eclipse Pro 380
Image: Winfields Outdoors

Outdoor Revolution Eclipse Pro 380 £1,629.00 now £1,149 (save £480)

The Eclipse Pro is a high-class, highly robust awning that should see you through your tours with ease.

With single point inflation to make life easy (and with a lifetime guarantee on the air frame system), the awning is made from a 600HD high density Oxford weave fabric that is about as waterproof as you are going to find on the market. All the PVC windows are tinted to prevent any glare, and there is an adjustable webbing pegging system to help you achieve that perfect finish.

You get mesh panels on both side doors, and as an option you can get a mesh panel to replace the front panel if you are likely to be touring in warmer climes. There  is also an optional zip on side annex that can fit either side.

As a final clincher, interior headroom is 1.95m – impressive for an air awning with a “lean on” design.

  • Awning type: Single point inflation
  • Attachment height: 235-250cm
  • Material: 600HD high density Oxford weave fabric with a 6000mm hydrostatic head.
  • Weight: 28.6kg
  • Pack size: 82x50x43cm

View the deal at Winfields Outdoors now.

Vango Balletto 260 Air Elements
Image: Winfields Outdoors

Vango Balletto 260 Air Elements £1000 now £790 (save £210)

The Balletto is one of outdoor specialist Vango’s best-selling ranges, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s its clever solution to the inflation problem, for starters: you get single point inflation, to speed things up when you are putting the awning up, but multiple point deflation, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to press that stubborn air bubble out of the system as you take it down again. The pack it comes in is deliberately oversized, so you shouldn’t have to struggle to get the thing back in there, even if it is slightly damp.

The awning is made of Vango’s 150D Elements Shield fabric too, so you can expect it to be fully waterproof. It also features ColourLok technology to prevent any fading. All of its doors are flat entry, to make it easier to get pushchairs and wheelchairs in, while the side door has a 60/40 split so you can roll away a section for quick entry. Vango’s draught seal system between the awning and the caravan eliminates the need for any poles here which could potentially mark your caravan.

  • Awning type: Single point inflation
  • Attachment height: 235-250cm
  • Material: Elements Shield 150D fabric
  • Weight: 20.5kg
  • Pack size: 76x42x40cm

View the deal at Winfields Outdoors now.

Vango Tuscany 400 Air Elements
Image: Winfields Outdoors

Vango Tuscany 400 Air Elements – £1,950 now £1,550 (save £400)

The Tuscany model is a good option if you want an inflatable awning that has slightly more the look of a traditional awning – in other words with a slightly pitched roof and a bit of a canopy at the front. The front is also slightly pointed to give you more of a view through the large windows.

Like the Balletto, the Tuscany comes with single point inflation and multiple point deflation and is made from Elements ProShield fabric (this time 300D) to keep things waterproof and ColourLok technology to prevent fading. Also like the Balletto, the air frame is so designed that, if you ever have a puncture, the affected section can be sealed off for easier repair. The system also comes with additional bracer beams you can put between the main beams for enhanced stability.

Once again all entrance doors are flat, and the side door has a 60/40 split for quick opening. An optional annex and mesh doors are also available.

As it’s a full awning, the Tuscany would usually cost you close to £2000. But this Black Friday they have knocked some £400 off that price which should only make things sweeter.

  • Awning type: Single point inflation, multiple point deflation
  • Attachment height: 235-250cm
  • Material: 300D Element ProShield fabric
  • Weight: 37kg
  • Pack size: 96x30x42cm

View the deal at Winfields Outdoors now.

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