Here’s an unusual but stylish use for old Airstreams in Cape Town:

This hotel has taken the unusual step of using a crane to lift the vans on to the roof, in order to create a range of penthouse suites like nothing else on the planet.

This got me thinking as to whether it might be possible to create a similar city-centre touring park actually on top of a building…

Sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out.

The way I see it, the main stumbling block would be creating some kind of lift to enable the vans to be taken up to the top of the building. Staff could then manoeuvre the vans into place on the pitch. Cars could be left on lower levels as they wouldn’t be needed up top.

Through careful use of materials and plants, a little oasis of calm could be created in the middle of the metropolis. And imagine the views across the city when you wake up in the morning!

[tl:gallery size=450×325]

Then of course, you have the benefit of added security and having a world of entertainment and culture literally a short hop from your doorstep.

I’m not saying that this is for everyone – as I appreciate that the vast majority of caravanners like to escape from the cities in order to get some peace and quiet. Not to mention the issue of ensuring that there is a route to the urban campsite that is simple to navigate.

But if these hurdles can be overcome, I’m sure there would be a ready market of caravanners out there who want to enjoy all the attractions a city has to offer, but from the comfort of their own home-from-home.

As always, I would love to know your thoughts. Am I completely wide of the mark, or have I highlighted a gap in the market waiting to be plugged?