The Pebble Flow, an all-electric caravan that can hitch itself to the tow car and includes two motors to make towing easier, has been launched by a California start-up.

The 4 berth caravan also comes with a 45kWh LFP battery and a 1kW integrated solar panel, so it should be able to function for some time off-grid.

Inside, you’ll find a smart wall bed that converts into a desk for digital nomads, a full-size shower, and a kitchen fitted with an induction hob, a caravan microwave and a full-size fridge. The windows are also designed to give anyone inside a 270° view of the world outside.

The Pebble Flow is only currently available in the US. It starts at $109,000 (currently £88,795), although to benefit from most of the extras, you need the Magic Pack, which takes the price up to $125,000 (currently £101,821). It weighs 2812kg, so you’ll need a very heavy vehicle to tow it.

Other makes of caravan are also thinking about all-electric models – the Knaus Yaseo was our pick for the most innovative caravan on the market at our recent Awards, while at the recent October NEC Show, the all-electric Mink-E made its debut.

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