Picture the scene: you’re away in your caravan and you want to dash to the nearest shops for a pint of milk – but it’s uphill all the way, or it’s a bit further than you expected.

Or maybe there’s a local historic monument nearby that you’re keen to see, but you’re pushed for time – you want to get there and back as quickly as possible.

Perhaps you simply want to leave your tow car onsite and get out and explore – after all, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to park easily at your destination, and cycling allows you to see the world from a different viewpoint, and get a bit of exercise, too.

If that sounds familiar, an e-bike is perfect for you, allowing you to get out and about quickly, easily and with as much – or as little – effort as you’d like.

History as standard

The UK is home to a number of e-bike manufacturers, but few are as well known and as well respected as Ribble. It’s been hand-building bikes here since its inception in 1897, so there’s a lot of history and experience packed into every cycle.

It’s right up with the times in terms of its ranges though: it offers a brilliant selection of e-bikes, featuring the very latest in innovation, and caters for road, off-road and hybrid models.

In fact, all R&D & engineering used in Pro Team bikes makes its way into the rest of the Ribble range – so you’ll know you’re buying the best.

The right bike for you

If you want an e-bike with stylish road geometry, to help you explore near and far when you’re away in your caravan, check out the stunning Ribble Endurance SL e, which will take you further than you ever thought possible.

Car or caravan cycle racks are often limited in the amount of weight they’re able to carry, which rules out many major e-bike brands.

Not so with Ribble, though: the Endurance SL e is one of the lightest e-bikes in the world – fully built, and complete with battery, it weighs just 10.5kg. It’s impressive stuff, and means it’s easy to lift onto and off a cycle rack, and won’t eat up your payload.

Perhaps you prefer to take on rough trails, away from the beaten track; in which case, take a look at the Ribble Gravel AL e. Its rugged styling and light weight means you’ll be able to tackle even the roughest and muddiest terrain with ease.

If you want to take on the trails and the town in equal measure when you’re away on tour in your caravan, the Ribble Hybrid AL e Trail is for you.

It combines stylish good looks with air suspension forks that will help you get to your destination in comfort, and enjoy the journey along the way.

The Ribble Urban AL e, meanwhile, is perfect if you want to zip to the shops – nearby or much further away – thanks to its clever technology and practical front rack.

Stay powered, stay cycling

Many people worry about running out of battery when they’re on their electric bike, but if that happens, it’s no sweat – you simply continue cycling as normal.

But it’s not something you’re likely to experience: with Ribble bikes offering a tremendous range – the Endurance SL e could give the average rider around 60 miles – and with optional range extenders available, you’ll be able to enjoy your adventure from start, right to the finish… and even further.

Get the MAHLE SmartBike System App and you’ll have access to maps and all of your ride data, be able to set the amount of electric assistance you receive, and much more.

Your bike, your way

Ribble products are also super flexible: you can spec your bike up and even change the colour, to make it just the way you want it, or go with Ribble’s recommended specification.

To view Ribble bikes, you can visit one of its state-of-the-art showrooms, where you’ll be able to meet its experts and make the most of the e-bike fitting service.

Alternatively, you can speak to a Ribble Live Expert – on a one-way video call, a Ribble agent will provide brilliant advice and help for all your buying needs, sizing and requirements.

To find out more about Ribble and its range of e-bikes, visit the company’s website. You can also follow Ribble on social media, via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.