At present (the beginning of November), planning a break in your caravan is complicated with the four nations of the United Kingdom working to different lockdown schedules. Tourism in Wales reopens on 9 November, but in England lockdown remains until 2 December and non-essential travel across the border is not possible. 

After 2 December, assuming the lockdown is not extended, England will revert to its three-tier system and those in the higher tier will not be able to travel to a lower-tier area or across the borders into Wales or Scotland.

In Scotland’s five-tier system (0-4) campsites are allowed to stay open up to Level 3 but tourists should not travel into or out of a Level 3 area for holidays or visits. At Level 4 accommodation is closed to tourism. Travel to and from Scotland into the other three nations should take place only if absolutely necessary. Northern Ireland’s campsites reopen on 13 November. 

Many campsites have been able to extend their seasons, but the latest round of lockdowns will again be felt, with Haven, for example, deciding to call time on the 2020 season in England and Wales, although Scotland sites will remain open.

Caravan and Motorhome Club Sites, CLs and Affiliated Sites are all temporarily closed until the lockdown is lifted, while the Camping and Caravanning Club sites that are normally open all year or have extended their season will open when lockdown is lifted.

The Club’s sites in Wales and Northern Ireland are closed for the 2020 season, with only Scone and Moffat (in Level 2 areas) remaining open in Scotland. Forest Holidays’ Scottish sites will remain open, while its Welsh sites will open on 9 November and English sites are due to open on 2 December.

It would seem that the term ‘staycation’ now means even more localised vacations.