Plans announced two weeks ago for a new London caravan show have been canned.


Following discussions between the organisers of the October NEC show, Clarion and the National Caravan Council, an agreement has been reached seeing Clarion step away from its caravan show business.


As a result, the NCC has taken over the tenancy of the NEC show and has pledged to support Clarion’s show in Manchester in January.



New show name

For show visitors, that means very little has changed. The show name is the Motorhome and Caravan Show and it will run from 11th -16th October 2011.


There are still two caravan shows planned at the NEC, one in spring and one in autumn. The promise of cheaper entry prices for the autumn show remains in place so hopefully show attendance in 2011 will be stronger.




Explaining the reasons behind the change, NCC Director General John Lally said: “We are committed to continuing the excellent service Clarion has provided and that customers have come to expect. We will now look to deliver additional value by reducing costs and further improve the customer experience.”


The big losers are undoubtedly caravanners in the south east who are once again left with no national caravan show anywhere nearby.