THE NATIONAL CARAVAN Council launched its Approved Dealership scheme at October’s Motorhome and Caravan Show. So far, 27 dealers (illustrated on our map, below) have won approval, and a further 17 are working towards it.


Once a dealer meets the required standard, its ‘approved’ status will

be policed by the scheme, which is open to NCC members only. You can also click here for a full, interactive listing, with links to each dealership.


What is the Approved Dealership scheme?

The scheme is based on a code of practice that covers tourer sales. It sets a benchmark for standards among dealers for product marketing, guiding buyers through the process, sale and handover conduct, response to complaints and other areas.


The code of practice demands high standards from a dealer in a number

of areas, such as how it markets its products, handles requests for

information, guides buyers through the process, conducts the sale and

handover, fulfills warranties and responds to complaints.

Consumer rights for caravanners

Caravan buyers should be pleased to see that the code includes a formal complaints-handling policy. In the first instance, the NCC offers an informal dispute resolution service for dissatisfied buyers. If a buyer is still not satisfied, the complaint can be sent to an Independent Case Examiner on the buyer’s behalf. Members of the scheme are bound to comply with an examiner’s findings.

Look out for the ‘NCC Approved’ tick logo on dealers’ promotional material. For details, visit


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An larger, interactive map of approved dealers can be found at:
NCC Approved Dealership Scheme in a larger map