Bailey Caravans has boosted its Unicorn range ahead of the forthcoming NEC show.


The Bristol-based manufacturer has added two new island-bed layouts to its range-topping line-up, taking the total number in the Unicorn range to seven and plugging a hole in the range which has existed since the Senator Virginia and Lousiana were retired in 2009.


The models both offer similar layouts to those Senators. The main difference between the two new caravans is that the Cabrera has a single-axle chassis whereas the Pamplona is a twin-axle.


Both have island beds at the back of the caravan, two-part washrooms split across the aisle of the van, offside kitchens and conventional front lounges. The Pamplona’s extra body length allows for a longer front lounge with a centre chest, and a double-height fridge freezer on the offside adjacent to the entrance door. Other than these features, the models share the same excellent specification, value and industry-leading body warranty with other Unicorn tourers. Prices are yet to be announced but are likely to match other Unicorns of the same body size, meaning Cabrera and Pamplona are likely to cost £19800 and £21600 respectively.


The new models are the first island bed models from Bristol since the the short-lived transverse bed Pegasus I 554 ceased production in 2010. 


Island bed caravans

Island bed layouts have proved difficult for manufacturers to get right in standard width bodyshells and the variety of configurations available from different manufacturers shows that no-one is sure of the best way.


Running beds across the caravan allows for a full-width rear washroom in the caravan but there isn’t space for a full-size fixed bed. Lunar, Swift and Sterling all offer transverse island bed models, most of have rear-washrooms.


Beds attached to the rear wall of the caravan running front-to-back are the more traditional arrangement. Elddis, Buccaneer, Coachman and now Bailey all offer conventional longitudinal island-beds but the compromise is generally the centre washrooms. They reduce the feeling of space in the centre of the caravan, making even quite large tourer feel tight for interior space. Which type of fixed bed you go for depends on whether the size of the bed or the size of the washroom is your priority.