At first glance, it might not look as if much has changed across the Lunar caravans portfolio for the 2017 touring season, but there are some subtle – and not so subtle – tweaks across the board.

The entry-level Venus brand has been left largely as the 2016 version; washrooms get new locker doors and there’s also a fully lined shower cubicle for the first time, although the Thetford loo has been downgraded to a manual-flush C224 in place of the electric-flush C260. The family-friendly 580/6 twin-axle has gone, replaced by … the single-axle, family-friendly 590/6! Instead of a corner washroom, it features a centre washroom and a rear dinette alongside the bunks to create a kids’ zone.

There are a few like-for-like tweaks in some of the main Lunar caravan ranges, too. The Quasar 646 makes way for another twin-axle, the transverse-island-bed 674, while the Lexon 580 and 640 both leave the price lists. The luxurious Clubman range has a new addition, the Lunar Clubman SR with the ever-fashionable mid-washroom and island bed on the end wall. There are new external graphics and internal fabrics across the board, plus slide-out bases for lounge double beds (rather than slats) and new vacuum-formed vent boards to better circulate warm air from the heating. Washrooms all get light tweaks, too, including a pop-up plug. Caravans with ‘Skyview’ rooflights get a new surround with inset lights, and there are fresh splashbacks across the Lunar brand. 

From the Stellar/Lexon and above, there is a dramatic new feature: the long-awaited Lunar front sunroof, with integrated internal fascia and corner lockers. The Stellar/Lexon also get pleated rather than roller blinds to add to the upmarket feel, and there are new white gloss locker doors in the kitchen.

The range-topping Clubman and Delta have received the most attention, however. As well as that sunroof, there’s a bold new look to mark out these flagship models with a gloss black A-frame and gas-locker door, the latter served by a new light, and inside there are thicker carpets and twin USB sockets.

While most of the above feels very much like evolution rather than revolution, rumours are that Lunar isn’t finished yet, and there may be something all-new to see from the Preston manufacturer at the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC Birmingham in October.

The 2017 Venus and Lunar caravan ranges at a glance

Venus caravans

  • Venus 460/2 – 2-berth
  • Venus 540/4 – 4-berth
  • Venus 550/4 – 4-berth
  • Venus 570/4 – 4-berth
  • NEW! Venus 590/6 – 6-berth
  • Venus 620/6 – 6-berth, twin-axle

Lunar caravans

  • Lunar Ariva – 2-berth
  • Lunar Quasar 462 – 2-berth
  • Lunar Quasar 524 – 4-berth
  • Lunar Quasar 544 – 4-berth
  • Lunar Quasar 554 – 4-berth
  • Lunar Quasar 574 – 4-berth
  • Lunar Quasar 586 – 6-berth
  • NEW! Lunar Quasar 674 – 4-berth, twin-axle
  • Lunar Stellar – 2-berth
  • Lunar Lexon 540 – 4-berth
  • Lunar Lexon 560 – 4-berth
  • Lunar Lexon 570 – 4-berth
  • Lunar Clubman CK – 2-berth
  • Lunar Clubman ES – 3-berth
  • Lunar Clubman SB – 4-berth
  • Lunar Clubman SE – 4-berth
  • Lunar Clubman SI – 4-berth
  • NEW! Lunar Clubman SR – 4-berth
  • Lunar Delta RI – 4-berth, twin-axle
  • Lunar Delta TI – 4-berth, twin-axle
  • Lunar Delta TS – 4-berth, twin-axle