Vanroyce. It’s a name that conjours images of hand-built quality. A Vanroyce was a class old caravan, built to last and with bags of traditional charm. The Vanroyce name doesn’t exist anymore but the company DNA still runs through the Vanmaster ranges still built in Lancashire.  


I saw this one on the site for £2500. I haven’t been and seen it so it could be a right shed, but there’s something about it that I like the look of.


When new, a Vanroyce was expensive. The advert says close to £20000, and that was in the days when £20k was a lot of money for a caravan. Today that sort of money doesn’t buy you a top of the range Elddis, Lunar or Swift.


But today, two and half thousand pounds doesn’t buy a particularly posh used caravan. That’s why this Vanroyce looks such good value. It’s a end-kitchen two-berth so won’t need a big car to tow it, although I hope that the weight is a mistake. 43182kg seems a bit much for a little tourer…


In terms of equipment, it’s got an oven and grill, stabiliser, water and space heating and the dealer is even chucking in a full awning and a service. 


Better than that, this 18 year old Vanroyce could yet be covered by the Vanmaster lifetime water ingress warranty. You need to have it serviced back at the factory, but that restores the warranty that ensures that any subsequent water ingress repairs are carried out at Vanmaster’s expense.

It could be the best £2500 you ever spend.