The City of Chester is welcoming a new attraction when lockdown lifts on 3 December. The attraction, appropriately entitled Sick to Death and located in St Michael’s Church, Bridge Street, tracks the horribly gory history of medicine and pandemics dating as far back as Roman times. The immersive attraction, which will explore the weird and wonderful tools and medicines of doctoring through the ages, is designed to educate as well as entertain. 

Visitors will enter via an apothecary shop inspired by the shops of Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter books. They will then discover how medicine and attitudes towards sickness has changed over time through activities that include an autopsy room, an interactive surgery room and a time-travelling toilet known as the ‘TURDIS’.

A ‘Bad Medicine Wall of Shame’ highlights harmful ‘cures’ sold through the years, including Victorian electric-shock machines for hysteria and Donald Trump’s bleach-drinking advice.

Dean Paton, managing director of Big Heritage, the  heritage social enterprise behind the attraction, said: “Sick to Death tells the story of medicine throughout the past, but also helps people to understand the science of the present and future.” He added: “our visitors will have lived through one of the world’s great pandemics – now more than ever will people be able to empathise with their ancestors who also lived through such uncertain times.”

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