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WITH THE HOLIDAYS in full swing, you might be considering heading to Spain with your van for a little sun. And that’s exactly what we did.

When I first told people I was towing all the way to Spain, they thought I must be mad, especially since I’ve never towed abroad before. However, it was a breeze compared to driving on the roads here! Generally, there’s less traffic on the roads and due to the tolling system, they tend to be well looked after too, providing plenty of places to pull over and take a break.


We stopped off at stunning San Sebastian on the way to Noja (easily accessible on the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander if you’d rather take the boat) and were delighted to stumble upon a site overlooking the city called Camping Igueldo. I must confess that the drive up to the site felt a bit scary due to the amount of bends in the road but the views were totally worth it!


Once you’ve pitched up, why not ditch the car and take the reliable bus service into town too? European travel needn’t mean you’re on the road all day.


Keep your eyes peeled for our exciting feature on our Spanish adventure in Practical Caravan soon.