Most of us rely heavily on our phones, and in particular, apps, to help us in everyday life, and motoring is one area where there are plenty of device applications available.

But what if you want a wealth of handy services in one easy-to-use app? That’s where myAutomate comes in.

myAutomate is a free app that’s available on both Android and iOS, and designed to make your motoring life that much easier – and cheaper.

Within the app, you can search for your nearest fuel station, car wash, parking spot and electric vehicle charging point, making it brilliantly useful if you’re travelling in an area that you’ve never visited before.

You can also check fuel prices – which are updated daily – so you can get the best deal for your money.

What’s more, you can store all of your vehicle’s details on your own ‘driveway’, providing you with useful reminders about when your MoT, tax, service and insurance are due.

Early days

So how did myAutomate get started?

“We began as a company in 2020, and there were four of us involved from the start,” says Managing Director Andrew Watson (left), whose business background is in fuel.

“The app was developed in 2020, and was launched at the tail end of September last year. 
Our launch coincided with the second lockdown, so it’s been interesting! However, we’ve done well and things started to pick up in March this year.”

So what was the thinking behind the app? “It grew out of discussions around making driving easier,” says Andrew.

“We wanted to incorporate lots of other, different elements in one app: electric vehicle points, car washes, and other day-to-day aspects that people use all the time. We wanted to get better information for everyone and put it all in one place.

“We tried to target people who drive for leisure, including caravanners and motorhome drivers – particularly anyone who is travelling and who doesn’t know where their nearest fuel station or parking spot is. Interestingly, the fuel price section is the one that is used most.”

Next developments

So what’s next for the myAutomate app?

“We want to increase the amount of data provided by the app, and make that information more filterable,” says Andrew.


“We’re also planning to look at facilities for the less abled, and how we can incorporate that into the app – at the present moment, we’re just at the beginning of that development work.

And of course, we always welcome feedback from users!”

Find out more about myAutomate at and download it for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.