We’re sure we’re preaching to the converted when we say that caravanning can be a very romantic experience, connecting with the outdoors and waking up to amazing views that would melt the hearts of any sceptics. And, let’s face it, in February it’s lovely to snuggle up to someone to keep warm – even if it’s the dog! 

So this Valentine’s weekend, why not select a special experience for you and your loved one? 

Location is everything, but there is no need to go too far. In fact, why not stick with somewhere you already know? After all, there is nothing less romantic than a stressful search when the sat-nav loses signal. Whether it’s the rolling hills of the countryside or a cultural city break, choose somewhere you will both love. Unless, of course, the adventure of discovering somewhere new on your caravan holidays is something you can’t resist!

How about the food of love? As this is a couples only weekend, why not create a winter picnic? Pack your favourite foods and a thermos of indulgent hot chocolate, and head off with your deluxe picnic and blankets. Find a romantic spot and wrap up or huddle close to watch the sun set, or maybe do some star spotting. Venus, the planet of love, is on show during February – what could be more romantic? 

An insulated cooler bag can keep food warm for a couple of hours, but remember to keep your cold foods separate. So, what to pack? You could treat yourselves to an array of deli delights such as stuffed sweet peppers, olives and antipasti (no cooking required!) and wash these down with something fizzy. For a special, cheeky, warming tipple, try a glass of Prosecco with a dash of raspberry liqueur, finished with a fresh raspberry – yum!  Make sure it’s in moderation of course, especially if you’re driving home the next morning.

Now, how about a romantic playlist? Admittedly, this takes a little preparation, but if you are of a certain age you will remember how special you felt when a new (or more established!) love gave you a tape of your special songs. So, set each other a challenge to create a playlist of tunes to make the evening extra special and romantic.

Valentine’s Day is also a good time for sharing and reminiscing. Your special space can be the ideal location for some romantic remembering, perhaps whilst you’re listening to those all important tunes. Why not take a trip down memory lane and flick through some photos which tell the story of your time together. 

Of course, you need to set the atmosphere. If you’re going to cuddle up in your caravan, why not pop on some battery operated LED candles to create some instant and safe mood lighting, without overloading your hook-up, then create a fragrant atmosphere with a bunch of your favourite flowers displayed in a fancy acrylic vase? Then with your favourite tunes wafting through the air, it’s time to snuggle up! 

And why not spoil yourself and make your Valentine’s weekend last as long as possible? As a couple, you won’t need much for the weekend, so setting up and packing away should be a doddle. Take the time to do a little packing prep the day before you leave and think ahead with your food. Some fresh fruit, pre-cooked pancakes and pains au chocolat will go down well with fresh juice and a cup of your favourite hot stuff! Enjoy a Sunday lie in and a leisurely romantic breakfast and make this year’s Valentine’s glammavanning break another of your special memories.

So, here are our top five Valentine’s Day ideas, to help make your romantic break as special as possible:

  1. It’s a time for you, not your friends, so make a pact to switch off your phones, your emails, Facebook, Twitter and so on, and make time for each other!
  2. If you’re heading off for a winter picnic, make sure you’re not trespassing – that could be really awkward!
  3. Keep your food warmer for longer by popping a hot water bottle into your insulated bag – and you can use it to keep you warm once the food has been eaten.
  4. Preparation is key to this weekend – then you can relax and enjoy yourself.
  5. Romance is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day!