NUMBERS OF TWIN-axle caravans on the market over the past few years has dwindled.


Understandable, given the push to reduce fuel consumption as extra wheels, axles and brakes all add weight and that means less miles per gallon. We are big fans of four-wheel tourers here however, so we’ve rounded up five of our favourites from the 2013 line-up.


Cheap twin-axle caravan

A tough van to look past in a few categories, the 2013 Sprite Quattro weighs in at a very lithe 1571kg. For a big twin-axle tourer, that is featherweight. Despite this though, like the rest of the 2013 Sprite line up, the fixed-bed six-berth tourer has appeal, both inside and out, which belies the £15,260 price and weight.


Posh twin-axle caravan

There’s really no competition when it comes to finding a twin-axle tourer to catch the eye. The Airstream International 634 has timeless good looks outside, thanks to those yards of curvy polished aluminium which comprise the outer bodyshell. Inside, it lacks the same sort of impact but it is still a cut above the mainstream, with real wood surfaces, a choice of bright seat fabrics and high quality, stylish fixtures and fittings. At £58,980 though, you’d expect a bit of quality. And it needs a big tow car too. Maybe a new Range Rover?


Light twin-axle caravan

Actually, this is the Sprite Quattro again, but the £17999 Elddis Avante 624 is only 10kg heavier and has loads more kit in it. It’s a nearside fixed-bed van with a rear washroom but the extra body length afforded by the twin-axle floorplan means it has a big, comfy front lounge. Like all Elddis models, it has SOLID construction too, so the van is glued, rather than screwed together.

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Short twin-axle caravan

Technically, this is the Elddis Avante 624 again, but at only 15cm longer, we felt the plush Coachman Laser 620/4 was worth an honourable mention. Particularly as it uses a proven single-axle side-dinette four-berth layout, but uses that 7.87m body length to equip it with a washroom that puts the provision in many domestic flats to shame. Epic


Comfy twin-axle caravan

This time last year, the Bailey’s Retreat would have walked this. True, you cannot tow it behind a car (you need a truck) but the wide body made it super comfy. Now however, the Eterniti Genesis IB-4 puts an island bed and wide body shell within reach of the touring caravanner. Fascinating stuff

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Nigel Donnelly