If the van, or indeed anything in it, needs a minor repair while away you’ll be glad to have one of these kits on board.

Araldite Emergency Kit contains three adhesives and a repair putty to

cover an wide range of repairs from simple breakages to ‘fill and fix’



The 24ml syringe dispenses equal amounts

of resin and hardener that will bond metal, wood, chipboard, leather,

fabric, rubber and most plastics. The handy one-shot 3g Fusion syringe

sets in 90 seconds and is ideal for precise delivery and application,

while the Araldite Crystal is a fast setting (5 minute) epoxy that is

particularly good on glass. Repair putty will fix pipes, metal frames,

bodywork and many other substantial tasks.


For your chance to get your hands on one of these kits visit our competition page before midnight on 1 October.