EVERY DAY THE team walk through the car park to get to work. We share our office with sister titles What Car?, Classic & Sports Car and Pistonheads to name just a few, so we are used to seeing some pretty special sets of wheels on our way in.

[tl:gallery size=460×460]But as we look enviously in the direction of these beauties and dream of driving them, we neglect our poor little Whirlwind. Hailing from the era of Sodastream and Margaret Thatcher (one arguably more effervescent than the other), Elddis’ two-berth offering was an icon in itself. Yes, Was.

Caravan makeover

Our Doug King has spent time tinkering with it, ensuring that the heating, plumbing and electrics are all up to speed, but it still lacks something. And that something is a makeover. We are hoping to get the whole team involved in this project which will see us taking the Whirlwind to a happier place, a place where we all fight to take it out for the weekend.

[tl:gallery size=460×460]It’s a big job and we will need to look at all corners of the van to make sure it’s got real car park appeal. And we’d love your help too! Over the next few months, we will be compiling a virtual scrapbook on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/pcaravan) to give us some ideas, so do pop by and see us there and if you’ve made over your own van, why not post some pics of it on our Facebook page?

We look forward to sharing our progress with you and showing the Whirlwind off at a rally near you soon!

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