It’s fair to say that Bailey has a tried and tested top-end tourer proposition – with each iteration, Unicorn goes from strength to strength. 

It’s a compelling blend of comfort, specification and value for money. At the other end of the market, though, Bailey could definitely do with a range to capture the imagination of the British caravan-buying public as much as the Unicorn has. 

Over the past decade, the Bristol-based firm has made several attempts to increase its foothold in the entry-level market – with Olympus, Orion and, most latterly, Pursuit – but in a very competitive segment, none set the world ablaze. 

Phoenix could change all that, though. Rising from the ashes of Pursuit, which never felt completely connected to the rest of Bailey’s caravan offering, this new seven-strong range borrows heavily from its Unicorn and Pegasus siblings, in terms of house style and specification level. 

To see if this new line-up could be a sales success, we took one of its core offerings for couples – the island-bed four-berth Phoenix 640 – to Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park.