Before end-washroom caravans were introduced in the 1980s, if you wanted a two-berth caravan, you pretty much had one choice of layout: a front lounge and an end kitchen, with a small washroom tucked into one of the rear corners. That’s basically what you get with the Coachman Vision 380 (plus a great deal more of course!).

The 380 is the smallest, lightest and least expensive of all Coachman’s caravans, and updates to the Vision range for the 2016 season are mainly tweaks.

All of Coachman’s caravans have panels that are bonded together rather than using traditional methods and joining the trend of using acronyms, they call this ABC (Advanced Bonded Construction). Having worked closely with adhesive manufacturer BOSTIK and Hull University, Coachman believes this method has virtually eliminated the threat of water ingress. And to see other Coachman caravans for sale, click here.