Two new models join Coachman Caravan’s entry-level Vision range for the 2017 season.

One is the five-berth 630 which has a large end washroom, a vast kitchen, bunks and a side dinette. The other is this, the 545, with its central-transverse-washroom layout, plus a rear island bed.

Gone are the two-berth 380, with its end kitchen and corner washroom, and the 560, with its nearside fixed bed – a floorplan that is disappearing as the island-bed format increases in popularity.

Also gaining a firm foothold in the 2017 season’s ranges is the central washroom. It’s a practical solution when you have two people sleeping at the front of the van and two at the back, because each pair can access the washroom without disturbing the other.

The layout divides the caravan into distinct rooms, which can be very appealing for those who don’t want to look at the bed during the day. Solid doors also help to retain heat in one area.

The 545’s layout has the island bed on the back wall, with two exits from the bedroom to the washroom and one into the living space.

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