Could the Elddis Affinity 574 be the right home-from-home for your caravan holidays? Find out in the Practical Caravan review.

There are three types of fixed beds: side double beds, ‘island’ doubles and twin beds. The first, though hugely popular, restricts access for one occupant and the second is space-hungry. So you’d expect twin beds to have a healthy market share, and that has happened, although it took a while. On the Continent, twin beds have long been popular and UK manufacturers exported them before demand grew here. 

In 2009, manufacturers started making single-axle vans with 5.8m-long interiors, enough to accommodate a walk-through twin bedroom and end washroom. The layout works as a luxury two-berth or for families whose children are too big for bunks. It’s now among the best-sellers.

The Elddis Affinity 574 is built using the SoLiD construction method and has Alde central heating. The range replaces the Odyssey, offering plenty of showroom appeal, a keen price and MTPLMs under 1500kg.