The Isabella Magnum 250 Coal porch awning is described as a porch awning, but it’s larger than the popular Magnum porch, and it can take an annex.

The awning is constructed using the company’s fibre-dyed textured-weave Isacryl for the side and front panels and a polyester/PVA combination for the roof. The model on test here features Isabella’s top-of-the-range CarbonX fibreglass frame.

The side and front panels are attached using heavy-duty zips, so don’t have to be in place when erecting and dismantling the awning – only the roof section need be pulled through the awning rail. Each panel has a large window; those at the side have insect/ventilation screens. Above the windows on the inside are beads to which the curtains attach via small receivers that clip onto the bead and into which rollers on the curtains are then slotted. It’s a system that is unique to Isabella.

At ground level the skirt folds inwards with the IsaFlex™ pegging elastics on the outside. These are strong and easy to fit.

The frame members are pre-assembled and held together with strong elastic cords making assembly easy. Locking the poles together is a doddle thanks to the company’s IsaFix lever locking mechanism. 

Attachment of the roof poles at the caravan is via FixOn Multi screwless bracket pads that clip onto a secondary bead and lock into position. The roof poles hook into them. There is also a bead stitched to the canvas where it runs down the caravan wall at each side of the awning. 

A figure-of-eight plastic tube slides onto the bead – there are two per side to make life easier – and the rear vertical pole is clipped into the larger opening in the tube. Pushed against the pad, this ensures maximum draught proofing between the awning and the caravan. 

An additional horizontal roof pole fits just above the zip of the side panel between the rear vertical and front corner poles to which the annex frame is secured. When the annex is fitted it can be sealed off from the main area by refitting the side panel. At each front corner there is a regulator tab, through which the spike on the end of the corner vertical pole is pushed so that when tensioned the canvas is pulled tight against the pole.

In addition to a draught skirt, wheel arch cover and curtains the awning comes with a verandah pole, awning bag, peg puller, and pole and peg bags.

The Isabella Magnum 250 Coal porch awning costs between £1099 and £1414, the annexe being £499.