Sterckeman has been around for many years and has a loyal following abroad. For many UK buyers the name won’t mean much, although that’s not surprising. Although part of France’s mighty Trigano Group, the brand has enjoyed hit and miss sales in the UK. The first examples came into Britain in the mid-1980s, imported by Emm Bee Caravans in Bury. Sales were steady but in difficult economic times, imported tourers became too expensive.

Over the next 20 years, Sterckeman came and went in the UK. However, Freedom Caravans in Stafford has been offering the marque for a few years now and these affordable, lightweight tourers have found their niche.

The latest Starlett 330CP Compact two-berth is the lightest couples’ caravan currently on sale in the UK and has a conventional end-kitchen, front-dinette and corner-washroom layout. The tell-tale signs of a Continental tourer are easy to spot, though: the offside caravan door and the stucco aluminium side panels.