If you’re a fan of the ‘onesie’ or if you’ve ever put a baby or toddler into a hooded cosy all-weather suit and gone for a toddler-speed walk or pushed them along in a buggy on a cold and damp winter’s day, you may well have felt a bit envious of that super cosy outfit! If so, then it’s worth taking a look at the adult version of those padded toddler suits – surely the inspiration for these unusual and practical new sleeping bags.  

The Summit Motion Sac sleeping bag, at £50, has arms, legs, a hood and feet that you can unzip. Basically it’s a cheaper version of the Musucbag Lite from Germany, at £69. One of the things we love about this design is that you can put it on and walk around in it. It’s not waterproof, but it’s very warm and cosy. We can see this being a huge advantage when sitting outside with friends, for instance when gathered round the dying embers of a barbecue when the night is getting chilly.  

Another great thing about this sleeping bag is that you can get into it before locking up and climbing into bed, which may be easier than wriggling into a sleeping bag within the confines of a typical caravan bed. This would be particularly handy if it’s a bunk bed, where you’d be likely to bump your head while getting into a sleeping bag.

In the morning, when you’re all cosy and warm, have you ever pretended to be fast asleep, in the hope that somebody else will get up and put the kettle on first? If not, you’re a saint! With the Summit Motion Sac sleeping bag you’ll be able to walk in it, earning some brownie points by popping the kettle on without feeling chilly. 

If you enjoy fishing during your caravan holidays then this kind of sleeping bag will transform your levels of comfort during night-time fishing sessions, and the same goes for star gazing, festival going, and overnight ferry crossings en route to your holiday destination with your car and caravan. 

For those morning dashes to the campsite showers, you won’t have to bother with getting dressed – just unzip the feet, pop on some Wellington boots or flip-flops and walk to the shower block, impervious to the weather. 

The only problem we can see is that you do need to get the right size to fit you as well as possible. If you get it right, it’s really comfy, but if it’s tight you’ll feel a bit restricted in your movements. 

The materials used in the Summit Motion Sac are 190T Polyester for the outer layer, 170T Polyester for the lining and 250 GSM Hollow fibre for the filling. Zip your feet and hands inside and put the hood up for the most warmth. It comes in blue or a kind of olive green to blend in with the countryside, with a charcoal grey fabric lining. 

Suit dimensions are given as height 202cm for the large size and height 175cm for the medium size. It comes with its own stuff sack so you can pack it away in the most compact way when you’re not using it. 

If you’re not a fan of onesies, don’t miss our other sleeping bag reviews for more traditional rectangular and mummy shaped bags.  

Our judges gave five stars to our overall winner, the Outwell Campion sleeping bag, £25, which seems to have gathered all the best bits from the others, despite being one of the cheap sleeping bags we tested. If you are looking for more reviews of budget items such as cheap sleeping bags, consider the Halfords Urban Escape Tahoe, £20, Argos 144/1895, £25, Argos 927/6378, £20 and Easy Camp Cosmos, £23.  

Mid-range sleeping bags we tested include the Vango Serenity at £41, Kampa Double Layer Garnett at £35, Kampa Single Layer Citrine, £43 and SunnCamp Deluxe King Size Expression, £40. 

The most expensive and warmest sleeping bag we reviewed was the Robens Appalachion 1500 at £75, which is a mummy sleeping bag ideal for winter camping and caravan holidays. Also at the higher end of the budget we tested the rectangular Coleman Vail Comfort sleeping bag, £53, Musucbag Lite onesie style sleeping bag, £69 and the Robens Trailhead 1500 mummy sleeping bag, £50.