Love fixed-bed caravans? Then a new model from a British pioneer is surely one to be excited about.

When Swift launched the Challenger brand at the end of the last century it also debuted the first fixed bed in a UK caravan – in the Challenger 500 SE. The fixed bed format was quickly taken up by other manufacturers to become commonplace and has since gone through its own design evolution.

Now, the height of desirability is an island bed and, if you are a fan of end washrooms, one that goes across the width of the caravan. And that’s exactly what’s on offer in one of three new models to join the Challenger range for the 2017 line-up.

The 645 is designed for use by couples, but can sleep four. And there’s an extra treat if you also like a bit of space – it’s a twin-axle, and one that’s not particularly encumbered by a super weight.

There’s another change. In recent years, the Challenger has been offered in two guises, the higher specced Challenger SE and the lightweight Challenger Sport. For 2017 the SE/Sport distinctions no longer exist.

They have been consolidated into a single Challenger brand, which has taken up a position at the top of the mid-market offerings alongside the Sterling Eccles range.

For 2017 all Challengers, and Eccles for that matter, have been built using Smart Plus construction, which means a timberless, GRP bodyshell and a new sandwich floor construction. The GRP is tougher than aluminium.

In addition, all Swift caravans will be fitted with the Swift Command system, launched in 2016 in its top ranges. This includes an intelligent power supply unit, which is operated through an LCD control panel and via an app, which can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet to operate remotely (you can pay £95 a year for a tracker subscription).

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