Conqueror has received a great deal of attention for the 2016 season, with many improvements designed to give it a clearer and more distinct identity within the Swift line-up.

When we tested the 2015 Swift Conqueror 645, a couple of months ago, we could find very little in the way of criticism to aim at the caravan itself. It looked great, it was well-equipped and the layout was pretty much spot on for couples.

However, we simply couldn’t avoid the elephant lurking in the room: the Challenger SE 645 had an awful lot of the Conqueror’s appeal, but for £2000 less. As such, while our verdict reflected the Conqueror’s many strengths, it also begged the inevitable question: what, exactly, did the Conqueror offer that the much cheaper Challenger SE didn’t?

Well, it would appear that Swift Group has been asking itself that very same question for some time. And to Swift’s eternal credit, it seems the answer it came up with was: ‘not a lot’. To its further credit, the manufacturer has come up with a pretty definitive solution to the problem: a seismic shift within the entire Swift caravans line-up.

To wit, Challenger SE and Sport are no more, with the range once again consolidated into one, simple Challenger line-up. This in turn has allowed Swift to take the Conqueror further upmarket, giving it the dearer Elegance’s beefier styling and, more importantly, its SMART HT timberless construction, complete with composite floor.