There’s been a trend among caravan manufacturers to offer extra luxury on top of what was already a fairly luxurious product.

Lunar did it last year in bringing out a new brand, the Alaria, which goes just that little bit further than the top-notch Lunar Delta range. Coachman has its twin-axle Laser, and the Explorer Group its Buccaneer.

Swift’s take has been a little different. The Elegance closely resembles the Conqueror (a name you would have thought already signalled something absolute and supreme).

Both are built using high-precision Smart HT construction, something that the firm has spent many years developing and that leaves you with a timberless bodyshell and a five-layer composite floor.

It also adds a few extras on top, such as standard Al-Ko Secure wheel locks and uprated trim. Yet you don’t just get the Elegance treatment on larger vans.

There are smaller models in the range, too, such as this four-berth 530 with a parallel front lounge, side dinette and full-width end washroom.

In the wake of recent arrivals to the luxury sector such as the Alaria and the Knaus StarClass range, does this van still stack up as a contender?

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