WE ALL LOVE the smartphone. It gets us from home to pitch, tells us the temperature before we get there and even which bar we’ll be ordering a drink from that evening.

But don’t expect to be doing it for long. As anyone with a smartphone will try to hide from you, battery life takes a huge hit when things get complicated.

There are all manner of apps and task mangers you can download for free in a bid to combat your phone’s most memory-hogging functions, but the in-car charger remains an obvious choice.

TomTom has launched this 12V three-port charger with a fast-charge function, putting it at an advantage compared to others we’ve tested.

Google Navigate on iPhone and Android is a very capable navigation app for driving use, but it’s a sure-fire way to use all your battery. Even if it is connected via a standard 12V car charger, the battery simply can’t keep up with the phone’s demands.

With the fast-charge USB port, you won’t have anything to worry about, though. You’ll be getting 2.1A of power through that port, where other chargers would split it between the three.

With two USB ports, one with fast-charge and a further 12V socket, this £20 accessory is one to buy if you need to charge phones, DVD players or laptops on the move.