The Venus range was first launched in 2012 at the Excel London Show; they were light and well-priced, although not particularly exciting.

But in 2015, the range had a full make-over and in the next few years, became a popular choice for first-time buyers.

So with few dealer specials ever produced, we were rather excited to see Marquis take on the Lunar brand, because we guessed they might develop a special from the Venus.

The venus is a well-equipped, entry-level tourer, and you might think that adding to this, but keeping the price the same, would be impossible. But Marquis has done just that – added spec and kept the price the same as the standard Venus. And at the time of writing, any new Venus Deluxe sold includes a free mover.

We checked out the latest addition, the 460/2. Looking at the exterior, the Deluxe is clearly differentiated from the standard Venus line-up. The major change here is the use of new graphics on the sides, modelled from the Lunar ranges.