The Yeti Sherpa can keep food and drinks cool for up to five days without power. It has 2in of polyurethane foam insulation in the walls and lid that helps to retain a cool temperature. Chill the box for a few hours beforehand using the supplied gel packs, ice or even dry ice, and it guarantees to keep the beers (and food) cold for days. The lid has a recessed groove that completely seals the box, much in the same way as a refrigerator, and it holds securely in place with rubber catches.

When you have finished using the coolbox, it can simply be drained from its inbuilt plug and washed ready for its next use. Even more fantastic than a chilled beer upon arrival on site is the fact that the coolbox can also be used as a seat. A leather cushion can be purchased separately for £34.99 and fastens on top to make a comfy perch.

The boxes range in size from 25 litres to 140 litres and are available in while or green. It is an expensive piece of kit but if you want a decent coolbox, this is a great investment.