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Anyone who can’t find the time to get away this summer can still experience the delights of a sightseeing tour without leaving their computer keyboard.

Google has added ‘photo tours’ to 15,000 Google Maps locations around the word that allow virtual visitors to see a series of photographs taken by people who were actually there.

This is more than just a slideshow of snaps, though — the photos are automatically mapped to a 3D model of a particular place and then presented as if the viewer is walking around the area. That said, it’s easier to see than explain, so it’s a good job that Google has put together a video that shows how it all hangs together.


Areas with accompanying photo tours will be highlighted within Google Maps whenever they’re available, but you can see them all in one place, too. However, the way the photo tours have been created means they won’t work in Internet Explorer, so you’ll need to use Firefox, Safari or Chrome to see them.