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There are all manner of nifty in-car iPhone accessories, but the Scosche MotorMouth II is the neatest we’ve seen for a while.

In short, it’s a hands-free kit for making calls (a legal requirement for UK motorists), but the clever bit is that it plugs into the 3.5mm audio-in socket found on most modern car stereos and communicates with the iPhone via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Better still, the MotorMouth II also allows you to stream music from an iPhone to your stereo via Bluetooth too (via A2DP), which gives much better quality than FM transmitter kits that do the same thing — and cuts down on the mass of cables cluttering up the dashboard.

The set-up also allows sat nav smartphone software’s voice guidance to play through your car speakers too, which should make its instructions much easier to hear.

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The battery-powered gadget contains a noise-cancelling microphone for clear phone conversations and a pass-through socket for an MP3 player, if yours is separate to your phone — the MotorMouth II works with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile, not just the iPhone.

The MotorMouth II costs $79.99 in the US, but we’re still trying to pin down a UK supplier — we’ll keep you posted.