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The Thansadet is a concept vehicle from Gambo Design in Nuremberg and it’s easy to see the potential appeal for casual caravanners.

This wheeled trailer hitches behind the car in the usual way for comfortable, if somewhat cosy, camping trips. The design brief states that it can sleep five people, but judging by the vehicle’s size, we suspect they’d need to be family members or at least very close friends.

The clever bit, however, is that as well as functioning as a compact caravan, the Thansadet can also be towed to a lake or sea shore and launched as a mini motorboat. The designers don’t give away much information about the practicalities of this though, but the vehicle presumably has an onboard motor and, if nothing else, its watertightness should make it able to cope with the typical British summer.

The bad news is that the Thansadet is merely a computer-generated concept for now and there’s no news of any manufacturer expressing interest in the design, let alone manufacturing it.

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[Gambo Design via Core77]