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You may know it more for the universal remote controls that help wrestle complicated TV set-ups into submission, but One For All is now branching out into power adapter accessories designed to get more from your mobile gadgets.

A couple of particular interest to caravan owners. First, the Universal In-Car Charger plugs into a 12v lighter socket and provides a powered USB port for charging handheld devices like iPhones and other mobiles.

Seven interchangeable power tips are included (with others available online), but we can’t see why you shouldn’t be able to plug the USB lead for any gadget into the adapter. The device has a LED display to show when charging is complete and has an auto shut-off feature to prevent unnecessary battery drain.

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Next is the Universal In-Car Power Socket, which is a bit more versatile in that it packs an inverter to convert the 12v lighter socket into a 220v three-pin mains socket. According to the press release, this makes it suitable for laptops, power drills and hair straighteners, which seems to cover just about every in-car requirement…

The One For All Universal In-Car Charger costs £16.99, while the Universal In-Car Power Socket is £39.99, and both are available from branches of Comet.

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