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7 simple tips to improve your caravan’s security

These seven simple tips could help you keep your caravan safe and secure throughout the year

Make sure your caravan stays safe from thieves by giving these tips a try – they could provide you with some valuable peace of mind and increase the security of your van…

1 Although a caravan cover is not a physical barrier to potential theft, it’s still a useful piece of caravan security equipment. It will deter many thieves, particularly if it is tight-fitting, because this adds an unwelcome element of time-consuming hassle.

2 Given the lightweight nature of caravan construction, door and window locks are not especially substantial and can be overcome relatively easily by a determined thief. But supplementary locks are available for both. For windows, check out the clever device at; for doors, consider the Milenco range of substantial booster locks, starting at around £40.

3 Use your motor mover to ‘drive’ your caravan hitch-first into its storage spot, to make it difficult for potential thieves to hitch it up quickly and tow it away.

4 Many insurance companies give discounts to customers who have locks, a factory-fitted alarm system, a tracker or CCTV protection. These can range from 5% to 25% of the premium. Remove the sofa cushions from your caravan during long winter lay-overs. Not only will this help to preserve the condition of your van upholstery, it will also make the vehicle less attractive to thieves, because replacement upholstery can easily cost in excess of £2000 for a family-sized tourer.

5 Make a careful list of all of your key numbers, for security devices, roofbox, towbar and so on, and store it somewhere safe.

6 If you have several locks, make sure that you mark the keys carefully, because mixing them up can cause confusion and stress.

7 Given time, determined thieves can overcome most security measures. The role of all of these devices is to deter the thief from choosing your caravan, and if they do, making it as difficult and as time-consuming as possible for them to make their getaway.

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Future Publishing Limited, the publisher of, provides the information in this article in good faith and makes no representation as to its completeness or accuracy. Individuals carrying out the instructions do so at their own risk and must exercise their independent judgement in determining the appropriateness of the advice to their circumstances. Individuals should take appropriate safety precautions and be aware of the risk of electrocution when dealing with electrical products. To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither Future nor its employees or agents shall have any liability in connection with the use of this information. You should check that any van warranty will not be affected before proceeding with DIY projects.

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