When you’re not using your tourer, it makes perfect sense to put a caravan cover on it to protect it from the typically miserable weather we see during the winter. To do this effectively, however, you’ll want to ensure you’ve chosen the best caravan cover for the job.

The Practical Caravan Awards 2023 are here to help you make the most informed buying decisions, as we pick out the best caravans and accessories across a range of categories. Now, we’re revealing our recommendation for the standout caravan cover on the market, as well as our other top recommendations.

The best caravan cover is…

Specialised Caravan Covers

Specialised Caravan Cover

  • It’s tailored to your caravan, and comes with useful extras

A caravan cover has an important role to play when you’re storing your caravan. Whether you opt for a dedicated storage facility or prefer to keep it on your drive, the elements can take their toll on your tourer’s bodywork, while black streaks and bird mess can threaten the finish.

This is why Specialised Caravan Covers has taken top spot again. They’re made to fit your specific model (simply select from the drop-down menu on the website, and contact the company if yours isn’t listed) and feature a hydrostatic head of more than 2500mm, a breathable membrane and hardwearing materials.

You get more than just the caravan cover too; you also get door access, a storage bag, fitting poles, an aerial and flue allowance (if required) and an A-frame cover all come as standard. If you have solar panels, you can even opt for a perspex opening that is made to measure for an additional fee, as is an easy access opening.

The end result is a product that will keep your caravan nicely protected – it’s easy to see how the item has now won the best caravan cover category two years in a row.

Price: from £399 (depending on model) at Specialised Covers

The other caravan covers we recommend are…

Protec Caravan Cover

Image courtesy of Pro-Tec

  • A fully tailored and water-resistant cover

Made to suit the make, model and year of your caravan, the Protec Caravan Cover will provide you with durable and practical protection. Any naturally occurring moisture will evaporate thanks to the breathable Caravanshield fabric of the cover, while the soft inner lining ensure there’s no chance of it scratching your caravan’s windows or paintwork.

Waterproof and UV stable, you’ll also find it simple to install, thanks to the Easy-Fit ® system.

Price: from £349 at Protec

Maypole Caravan Cover Premium 4-ply Breathable

Maypole Caravan Cover Premium 4-Ply

Image courtesy of Maypole

  • Budget-friendly and offers UV protection

High UV protection helps to improve the product life of this heavy duty cover. The 4-ply material allows moisture to evaporate, cutting the chance of mould or mildew forming. Coming in six sizes, the cover has an elasticated hem to provide a tailored fit.

Reflectors on the cover improve the visibility of your caravan, while the rounded pattern helps to make your caravan less prone to typical wear and tear. Three zip locations will also make it simple to access your caravan’s door at any point too.

Price: around £139.99 at Maypole

Protec Towing Jacket

Image courtesy of Pro-Tec

  • A tailored cover that keeps your tourer free of dirt and grime

Offering protection to the front of your caravan as you tow, the Protec Towing Jacket will ensure your ‘van stays clear of any dirt, grime and exhaust fumes that could otherwise mark it. Tailored to your caravan’s make and model, the two-piece construction has two halves that can be slid into the awning channels before being zipped up.

Price: from £245 at Protec

Specialised Tow Pro Lite

  • It’s a versatile towing cover at competitive price

We like this UK-made towing cover (note: this is not suitable for storage), which is marketed as having a universal fit and is suitable for any caravan with two awning channels and no wider than 2.5m. To fit the cover, you adjust the width on your first fitting by folding the excess material under at the sides and adjusting the strap. Another strap feeds around the A-frame and there’s a strap for each steady.

Lightweight yet strong, this cover will allow you to arrive on site in pristine condition, with no scratches, bird droppings or road dirt obscuring your front window. While there are other more bespoke options in the Tow Pro range, we like the Lite’s versatility – it can also be used on many pre 2012 models.

Price: £199 at Specialised Covers

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