[tl:gallery size=300×558]If the prospect of pulling into a service station with the van in tow just so a passenger can spend a penny doesn’t appeal, then the Halfords Pocket Toilet might be what you need.

Described as “a pad that fits into the palm of your hand”, the Pocket Toilet slips into a glove compartment and contains an absorbent material that soaks up you-know-what, turning it into a drip-free solid that can then be safely disposed of.

The Pocket Toilet is described as giving “no leaks, smells or mess” and it certainly beats keeping an empty pop bottle in the car for such emergencies. It is apparently only suitable for use by men, but we’ll leave you to ponder why that might be the case.

We’d also hazard a guess that the Pocket Toilet is also only suitable for use by passengers, since fumbling with your flies while behind the wheel almost certainly counts as driving without due care and attention.

The Pocket Toilet isn’t new, but Halfords is drawing attention to it in time the festive season, where drivers have a tendency to embark upon long journeys when visiting loved ones, although it does clearly state it isn’t suggesting the product as an Xmas present…

The Pocket Toilet costs £3.99 apiece from branches of Halfords and its also available online.

[Halfords Pocket Toilet]