The Swift Group has grown a great deal over the years. From 1989, they began acquiring a number of other brands, including Sprite Leisure.

Swift (who you can find out more about in our best caravan manufacturers guide) developed these brands and introduced new ones to connect to established names.

Sterling was one example, which soon became well liked among caravanners.

In 2014, Swift launched its new Smart Construction, using it on the Swift Elegance and the Sterling Continental, both of which were luxury ranges. The construction system saw new floors, GRP protection and no timber being used. It was expensive, but these models looked absolutely stunning.

The Continentals offered a good spec, including Alde heating, an alarm, a barbecue point and more. They were no lightweights, so if you’re looking at one, you will need a hefty tow vehicle. Generally, they are well built, although some are showing their age.

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Model history

The transverse-fixed-bed caravan layout is very popular for couples, and with excellent used examples such as this on the market, they continue to find favour.

Bedroom is spacious and transverse fixed bed benefits from a supportive Duvalay mattress
Bedroom is spacious and transverse fixed bed benefits from a supportive Duvalay mattress

Launched back in 2014, the Continentals were soon established as a type of caravan with a contemporary interior, built by a UK brand.

The 580 rapidly made its mark, for its excellent build and interior lighting. By 2016, the range was firmly settled in the luxury tourer market. The 580 has a large rear washroom, which is very well equipped, and excellent overall storage, especially if there are only two people touring.

Washroom is a good size, with a radiator
Washroom is a good size, with a radiator, and remains in excellent condition

An 80W caravan solar panel and the Swift Command system were part of the spec in 2016, adding to the Continental’s appeal.

Upgraded soft furnishings, a Duvalay mattress, an Al-Ko side jack and a cold-water external shower point were among other bonuses.

With seven models available across the line-up, there was a good choice of layouts, but unfortunately, the Continentals did not sell quite as well as the Elegance, and they were discontinued not long after.

Alternative models

Look for a 2015 Coachman VIP 575/4, with excellent kit and a more traditional interior. Good examples can be found for around £15,995.

The 2015 Coachman VIP 575/4
The 2015 Coachman VIP 575/4

Alternatively, a 2016 Swift Conqueror 645 twin-axle has extra space, with a more conventional décor inside the same body shell. Cost is around £23,995.

Price checker

We found prices from £20,995 to £23,495. Take into account any extra kit when you compare prices, too. In a private sale, you might find a cheaper 580, but they are so popular, most seem to hold their value well. For the rest of the range, you can expect to pay:

  • 480 £18,495-£18,995
  • 530 £20,495-£21,495
  • 565 £21,995-£22,895
  • 570 £21,595-£22,795
  • 630 £23,565-£24,995
  • 645 £23,999-£24,995

Check for:

  • Repairs to GRP side panels
  • Fading on front gas locker and panel
  • Internal fittings remaining secure
  • Functioning solar panel
  • Damage to tyres and alloys
  • Evidence of cracking on the sunroof
  • Functioning alarm


The Continental wasn’t as popular as the Elegance, but still feels very contemporary and today’s customers will be impressed by the style.

The superb spec means that it could also be used all year round, although you might want to upgrade the solar panel to 100W.

We like the build quality and the model we looked at was in excellent condition, with only moderate signs of wear.

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Technical spec

  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 1690kg
  • MiRO: 1534kg
  • Payload: 156kg
  • Internal length: 5.92m
  • Width: 2.26m

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