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If you stumped up £99.99 for the TomTom iPhone Car Kit earlier this year and are more than a little irked that it won’t fit your new iPhone 4, don’t despair.

It seems that although the Car Kit was designed for use with the iPhone 3GS, the incompatibility with the iPhone 4 is a small one and TomTom is giving away free iPhone 4 adapters to existing owners. Judging by the image on the TomTom web site, the adapter is nothing more than a small piece of plastic that clips into the Car Kit, so fitting it looks like a 30-second job.

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All TomTom iPhone Car Kits sold from now on will include the adapter, but existing owners can claim their free one by following the instructions on the TomTom web site.

Incidentally, if the £43 price tag of the TomTom sat-nav software for the iPhone has put you off buying, give Skobbler a try — it’s completely free. Rather than use commercial mapping data, Skobbler makes that created by OpenStreetMap — an ‘open source’ project that’s run by like-minded users as a free alternative to paid-for mapping services. Skobbler was recently updated to version 3 and while there are still a few rough edges compared to the TomTom or £20 CoPilot Live apps, you’re more inclined to tolerate them given the price tag.

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