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A caravan is a great way to experience the great outdoors, but New York-based artist Kim Holleman has taken this idea and turned it inside out — literally.

Holleman’s ‘Trailer Park’ consists of an old 18-foot Coachmen Travel Trailer (bought from eBay) that she drives around New York and pitches at busy junctions and in run-down areas.

The difference is that inside the ‘van is a garden planted with a variety of shrubs and plants to create an indoor oasis of calm for busy city dwellers — there’s even a small waterfall fed by tanks beneath the caravan.

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Holleman created the piece in 2006 and she told web site American City.org in 2010: “By combining the destination and the means to get there, with Trailer Park you walk inside to go outside. If you cannot go to the park, the park can go to you. It taps into our collective anxiety about the future of our environment, while allowing us a lush and utopian reprieve.”