The Pastiche remains one of the best-selling ranges from Coachman Caravans, and is well known in caravanning circles for its quality and safe styling. But now this generation is appearing on the used caravans for sale pages, is it a good buy?

The Pastiche appeals to experienced caravanners who know what a good tourer should be like. And from its initial launch it became a firm favourite thanks to its good specification and the solid build for which Coachman has gained an enviable reputation.

The Pastiche was also to become popular among dealers as the basis for specials with even more kit.

For 2011, the Pastiche came in five layouts, including a pair of end-kitchen two-berth models.

The profile is beginning to look slightly dated now, especially when compared with the stunning 2012 version, whose styling was – and still is – used for the VIP and Laser line-ups.

The 2011 Pastiches were upgraded over the previous year’s models with a new LED awning light, a stylish set of alloys and revised pull-out aluminium bed frames to speed up bed-making.

Washrooms were also given a makeover, with a new ABS plastic shower cubicle and a vanity unit.

Model history

The Pastiche name first appeared in 2000, but the 545/4 model featured here didn’t make its debut until the 2010 season.

It boasts a rear in-line island-bed layout on a single axle, with a front lounge area, a side kitchen with a dresser opposite, and then a split centre washroom with the loo on the nearside and the shower on the offside. With good storage options and a spacious interior, the 545/4 was ideal for couples.

These Coachman caravans came with an impressive specification. This included heavy-duty steadies, an external gas barbecue point and an exterior mains socket, plus an awning warmer fed by the blown-air heating system.

An alarm was also fitted to the Pastiche, along with a full oven, a microwave and a 107-litre Thetford digital fridge, though a dual-fuel hob wasn’t standard.

Soft furnishings were of a high quality, while most of the Pastiche’s interior night-time illumination was by LEDs.

So it’s a quality range, but six years down the line and now featuring on the used caravans for sale pages, is there much to go wrong?

Buyer’s checklist

  • Check for any cracks on the front and rear ABS panels
  • Look out for peeling wallboard trim strips
  • Check wheels for scu„ffs or crazing of the tyres
  • Make sure the alarm still works
  • Check overhead lockers in the kitchen area for peeling finish
  • Is the fridge working properly?
  • Check for water ingress around side windows and back panel

What to pay?

Pastiches sell quickly, so tracking one down may not be easy. This example was in super condition and had a mover, so seemed fair at £14,495.

Prices for the 460/2, 470/2 and 520/4 can drop below £11k, while the best 560/4 will be nudging £14k.


  • If you want to splash the cash for a newer look, a 2013 Elddis A‡ffinity 550 will set you back around £15,500.
  • Or to make a saving, a 2008 Sterling Elite is another well-equipped tourer at around £11,195.


The profile of the 2011 Coachman Pastiche is looking a little dated, especially compared with the revamped 2012 models, but the interior still looks modern and is well equipped – though Alde wet central heating was not included.

This is a good, solid tourer that still has plenty of fans, and the 2011 range o„ffers five popular layouts. But do shop around because prices – and condition – do vary.


Some details on the featured 2011 Coachman Pastiche 545/4:

  • Price: £14,495
  • Berths: 4
  • MiRO: 1437kg
  • Payload: 153kg
  • MTPLM: 1590kg
  • Internal length: 5.51m
  • Width: 2.26m
  • Seen at: Salop Leisure, Emstrey, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 6QS (call 01743 282 400 or go online)