Another day, another iPhone app aimed at the camping crowd. This one is called Go Camping: Worldwide and, according to the blurb, it’s “the fastest and easiest way to locate your ideal outdoor holiday destination”. We suspect a computer with a full-size screen and keyboard might be a bit quicker, but we’ll let that slide since you’re more likely to pack an iPhone when you’re in the middle of nowhere and need someplace new to stay.

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The app is reckoned to contain data on over 850,000 campsites around the world and includes everything from a place to pitch a tent to somewhere to stow your static caravan. B&Bs are also included, presumably in case your outdoor adventure goes horribly wrong and you need a warm bed for the night.

As you might expect, Go Camping: Worldwide lets you search for campsites by location or your current GPS position, and you can read reviews and find contact details from within the app. Locations can also be plotted on a map, but this doesn’t extend to calculating a router from A to B — you’ll need to switch to the Google Maps app proper for that.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that data use on a UK iPhone contract when you’re abroad will cost a packet, so we’re not sure we’d recommend apps like this to plot an entire foreign trip on-the-go.

Go Camping: Worldwide also includes a camping gear checklist and tips from Tiny Campsites author Dixe Willls. The app costs £1.79 and is currently rated 3 out of 6 (based on 6 ratings) in the iTunes Store.

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