There are a wide range of caravans on the market and it can be a daunting prospect to know how to choose the best caravan to suit you and your needs. To give you a helping hand, we’re comparing two models from two of the biggest brands – the Adria Adora Tiber and the Bailey Unicorn Vigo.

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Both of these tourers were highly rated at the Practical Caravan Awards 2022 – so how do they compare? We take a look …

The basic spec

Adria Adora Tiber

A side on look at the Adria Adora Tiber
  • Price: £28,585
  • Berth: 4
  • MiRO: 1647kg
  • Payload: 153kg
  • MTPLM: 1800-1900kg (depending on whether you opt for a chassis upgrade)
  • Shipping length: 8.24m
  • Interior length: 6.19m
  • Width: 2.46m

Bailey Unicorn Vigo

The Bailey Unicorn Vigo
  • Price: £27,799
  • Berth: 4
  • MiRO: 1430kg
  • Payload: 170kg
  • MTPLM: 1600kg
  • Shipping length: 7.34m
  • Interior length: 6.07m
  • Width: 2.26m

Adria Adora Tiber vs Bailey Unicorn Vigo: Design

A difference immediately arises here, with the Adria Adora Tiber – winner of the best 4 berth caravan at the Practical Caravan Awards – coming in at 8ft-wide, in comparison to the Bailey Unicorn Vigo, which is 7.4ft-wide. The extra width is something that can be felt inside, especially in the lounge, but we’ll come to that later.

The Vigo itself has a new curved front profile which creates a sleeker look. While the Tiber has a shipping length of 8.24m and interior length of 6.19m, the Vigo has a shipping length of 7.34m and interior length of 6.07m.

Adria Adora Tiber vs Bailey Unicorn Vigo: Pitch and set up

The Tiber’s extra length means you may want to get a helping hand from your family when pitching up, simply to make your life easier.

Once you’ve parked though, things get much simpler. The steady handles clip into place in the gas locker, and the heavy-duty corner steadies aren’t too difficult to wind down. It’s also easy to access the off-side based ancillaries. It’s worth noting that you may not want a full-sized awning though, as it would take a lot of work getting it into the rail.

The hook-up is now on the offside of the Vigo – we like the awning light and the service light, which will make finding the connection much easier in the dark.

Adria Adora Tiber vs Bailey Unicorn Vigo: Lounge

It is in the lounge that you can really appreciate the extra width of the Tiber. There is plenty of legroom, with four adults able to sit in comfort. A folding table can be set up, with a dining table – otherwise stored in a cupboard – also on offer. A sunroof allows light to flood in, ensuring the room is well-lit.

The C-shaped lounge in the Tiber
The C-shaped seating arrangement in the Tiber

The Vigo also has a sunny lounge, thanks to the windows which are now 50% bigger. Lockers run all the way to the front, which is a practical addition, while the furniture – coming in Light Oak – provides some warmth.

The Bailey's lounge area, with light flooding in through the windows
Light floods into the lounge area of the Vigo

A sideboard on the right is perfect for housing a TV, while the settees are comfortable.

Adria Adora Tiber vs Bailey Unicorn Vigo: Kitchen

The Tiber’s kitchen was deemed “a compact unit” by our reviewer but despite this, it has plenty of features. This includes a Thetford Midi Prima MKIII duplex cooker, which is found beneath the work surface, and a microwave, which lives in one of the large overhead lockers. The kitchen also features a smart sink with swivel mixer tap and Dometic three-burner hob (this is a one-piece design).

The kitchen of the Adria Adora Tiber
The Tiber’s kitchen is a ‘compact unit’ but well-equipped

As well as this, there is a 142-litre fridge which contains a 15-litre freezer compartment – more than adequate to meet the needs of family life. There’s no folding extension but a large cutting board can go over the sink.

In comparison, the Vigo’s generous work surface does have an extension. Another well-lit area, you’ll find a separate oven and grill, as well as a turntable-free microwave. A four-bottle wine rack is a nice addition, while a two-way Series 10 Dometic fridge sits across the aisle.

The lounge and kitchen area of the Vigo
There’s a useful work surface extension in the Vigo’s kitchen

Adria Adora Tiber vs Bailey Unicorn Vigo: Washroom

The rear of the Tiber can be closed off with the toilet door. You’ll find the washroom is on the compact side but it still has a good-sized basin and a swivel toilet, along with plenty of storage.

The swivel toilet and basin in the Tiber's bathroom
There is a swivel toilet in the Tiber’s washroom

Across the corridor, is a decently sized shower cubicle. You’ll want to watch out for the wheel arch which limits the foot space a little, but could also double up as a seat. Both the cubicle and washroom have a towel ring and Alde radiator.

The Vigo has a rear washroom which is brighter than you might anticipate. The shower cubicle at the far end only has a single drainage hole but you will find a roof vent, shelf and hanging rail.

Immediately outside is a Belfast-style sink, along with two robe hooks and a toilet roll holder. Something to note is that the windows are clear.

Adria Adora Tiber vs Bailey Unicorn Vigo: Sleeping

The Tiber has two well-sized beds. You have the option of using the front make-up bed as either a comfortable double or alternatively, the two settees can be singles. The main sleeping space is the comfortable longitudinal island bed, which comes with a grey padded headboard, providing a touch of class to the interior.

The Vigo’s main bed is also larger than before, with Bailey curving the wardrobes around the edges. The comfortable sleeping space has a couple of spotlights with integrated USBs, while you have the option of setting up another TV on the dresser unit. A mains socket can also be found here.

The bed of the Vigo, enhanced thanks to the curved wardrobes
The bed of the Vigo is enhanced, thanks to the curved wardrobes

At the front of the van, there are settees which are a bit too small to use as single beds for adults. However, pull-out slats can be used to create a large double bed.

Adria Adora Tiber vs Bailey Unicorn Vigo: Storage

You certainly will not struggle for external storage in the Tiber. You’ll have room to store a spare wheel, two gas bottles and something the size of a barbecue in the front gas locker, while the nearside has a waterproof locker.

Something to bear in mind is that this does intrude on the storage space beneath the sofa on the left, while the Alde heater impinges on the right. There are two large overhead lockers found on both sides though, while the underbed storage is plentiful – be wary of putting too much weight this far back though.

There are also two sizeable wardrobes, as well as another two lockers here too.

On the Bailey caravan, you’ll find an internal-access flap on the left of the door to the nearside underseat storage. Another flap is found on the offside underseat area – however, lifting the slats to reach in may present a challenge; while the spring cushions are very comfortable, they’re heavier.

As previously mentioned, the overhead lockers now run to the front of the caravan, while the curved wardrobes provide bedroom storage. There is a big externally accessible space beneath the bed too.

In the kitchen, you’ll find medium-sized drawers, along with two pan lockers – a bigger one underneath the sink and a smaller one below the oven and grill. Three overhead lockers are also located here.


Ultimately, this may come down to how you feel about the additional length of the Tiber – this extra space could be very welcome if there are four of you. In comparison, the Vigo has a smart, comfortable and stylish interior, which will also be a pleasure to tour in.

One thing is certain with either option – both models will provide you with a great space for caravanning.

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