I HAVE A love-hate relationship with sat-nav. When it works, it’s a stress-saving miracle of modern technology. When it fails, you might as well rely on a compass and sextant.


My absolute pet hate are sat-navs which allow you to enter the full postcode, but only navigate using the first five letters and numbers. In other words, they take you to vaguely near where your destination (which you could probably manage without help) then give up just when you need them most.


I’m not a fan of being ordered about by starchy, monotonous voices, either, so I rather like the alternative voices which some navigation systems let you download instead.


The latest ‘celebrity’ sat-nav from TomTom features Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street fame. You can see them in action here.


[tl:movies size=460×264]


Downloading Bert and Ernie to a TomTom costs £7.95. It won’t help you get to your destination any faster, but it should put a smile on your face…