FEW READERS WILL have heard of Comanche tourers and fewer still will have owned one. But now you have the chance to buy a 1979 model which has just arrived in Carnforth.


This rare classic tourer recently turned up at Callender Caravans of Carnforth, Lancashire. Comanche Caravans were built by High Peak Caravan Centre, Derbyshire between 1974 and 1983. Owned by the same family virtually from new, this 12/2 Comanche is an end-kitchen two berth.


James Lewis of Callender Caravans (pictured) explained

‘I’ve heard of the company but never seen one of the vans before. It’s in remarkable condition being very original and sound.’


We went to check the Comanche out. Built in February 1979, the fact it is build number 77 after five years of production tells you Comanche was not a mass producer. The level of equipment is pretty basic too. It has an oven, but you can see the ‘keep-fit’ Whale foot-pump on the floor next to kitchen unit. That domestic-style fridge doesn’t look like a factory fit either.


The relative lack of kit means it was lightweight however, with a MiRO of 605Kg. That put it in reach of 1.3ltr engined cars of the day such as the Vauxhall Chevette and Ford Escort MkII. Today it would sit happily behind a VW Polo on your way to the sun. The narrow 1.98m body also means storing it was easy too. while the interior still feels remarkably spacious.


It’s not officially up for sale as the Callender team like the van but £395 may persuade them otherwise. We reckon the Comanche would suit a classic car enthusiast or simply someone wanting a cheap starter caravan to cherish. Incidentally, if you like the idea of a compact caravan, Callender have recently been appointed as dealers for the Freedom caravan range.


Anybody interested should contact James or Gordon on 01524 732224 or visit the Callender Caravans website.


1979 Comanche 12/2

MTPLM – Unknown

MiRO – 605kg

Price new: £1895

Price now: £395