Caravan scholars may remember the Voyager Vector. These one-piece GRP monocoque tourers caused a major stir at the NEC caravan show in 2005. The Vector had a curvy, seamless exterior and a cool contemporary interior. Built on BPW chassis, it has conventional caravan underpinnings and equipment but stood out thanks to that stunning GRP bodyshell.

With prices close to the £25000 mark, the Voyager always had its work cut out to make it as a sales success and only three are thought to have made it onto the touring field. If you’d like one however, you are in luck. One is for sale on the Practical Caravan For Sale website.

Owner Simon Hemingway bought the Vector in 2006 and says you always have to be ready for visitors.
‘When you go on site in it, it’s like being a goldfish. Everyone looks inside. We’ve had people come up to us, knock on the door and invite themselves in because they want to have a proper look inside. You have people turning up with video cameras and all sorts’

Simon saved the van from being turned all traditional. He bought it from  Vanmaster which was about to refit the minimalist interior.
‘I think the plan was to put curtains and a traditional caravan interior in  it’ he explained. ‘We saw it and said ‘hang on a minute…’ as we didn’t like the fabric they were going with. We liked it as it was. It’s like a plastic Airstream’
The Voyager has an MTPLM of 1700Kg, meaning most 4x4s can happily tow it. Simon’s Voyager is for sale here with an asking price of £18995. With a leak proof plastic body, this is a caravan that could last forever. Seems good value to us…