Caravanners looking to take their vehicles out for the first time after lockdown are being urged by the Caravan and Motorhome Club and driver education charity IAM Roadsmart to carry out some basic safety checks before they do so.

Research by the RAC suggested that 6 per cent of surveyed drivers said they would be taking their caravan away the first weekend after lockdown is eased.

The two organisations are urging caravanners to check their tyres and their breakaway cables before they do so.

Tyres need to be inflated to the correct pressure, have at least 1.6mm of tread left, and not be damaged.

Breakaway cables should always be in a good condition and free from damage.

Caravanners are also being urged to respect  their caravan’s payload and load it correctly, with heavy items of baggage as near the axle as possible, with lighter items higher up.

The organisations are also reminding you that caravans are not allowed on the right hand lane of a three-lane motorway, that you should always keep checking your speed, especially on downhill stretches.

They also point out that it is not just crosswinds that can cause a caravan to become unstable. Overtaking a large lorry and then being caught by its “bow wave” can have the same effect – particularly if the caravan is loaded badly or you are driving too fast.

Martin Spencer, technical manager at the Caravan and Motorhome Club says, ‘”In almost all cases, serious incidents only occur because inexperienced drivers have not taken the right advice, or experienced ones have become complacent. The Club has 15 training centres across the country so anyone just starting out, or those needing some refresher training can receive the best possible guidance.”