Following a highly successful 2016 season, Adria, the UK’s best-selling Continental manufacturer, has made some bold changes for 2017. Key among these is the decision to ditch its slow-selling Astella flagship, and replace it with the all-new Alpina – complete with high-spec interiors and much more UK-friendly layouts.

The Alpina has been available on the Continent for some time as both a single- and twin-axle, but for the UK it will be a single-axle only (like the Astella) and it wears a bespoke front end, plus silver sidewalls and ABS panels. From launch it will be available as the island-bed, nearside-washroom 613UC Missouri, and the fixed-twin-bed, end-washroom 613UL Colorado. Both weigh in at a hefty 1900kg, with an optional weight-plate upgrade to 2000kg giving a payload of up to 266kg (for the Missouri, 222kg for the Colorado). But they feature plenty of kit including Alde heating, wraparound lounges with headrests, adjustable backrests and sprung mattresses for the fixed beds, a Bluetooth transmitter and intelligent lighting.

Entry-level buyers haven’t been forgotten either. The new tagline ‘Designed for brighter living’ gives a clue to the main change to Altea for 2017: the huge panoramic front sunroof that was introduced on last year’s 472DS Eden Silver Collection has now been standardised across the range, and the Eden has been added to the main Altea line-up. There’s also fresh interior décor, with attractive new woodgrain and brown-themed ‘Ares’ trim, plus improved LED lighting.

There have been a couple of significant losses to the Altea line for the 2017 season, too: the option for a seventh berth for the family-friendly 552DT Tamar and 542DK Severn has gone, as has the colourful 4four – though the 362LH Forth on which it is based continues into the new season.

Last year’s Adora Isonzo 613DT Silver Collection was a huge hit, so for 2017 Adria has created the ‘Platinum Collection’ – with the same silver sidewalls and front and rear ABS panels, plus Alde wet central heating, for a premium of around £1000 – available on both the Isonzo and the 613UT Thames in place of the standard version. The 612DL Seine and 612DT Rhine continue with Truma blown-air heating and complete the all-fixed-bed Adora line, with the two-berth 432DT Loire leaving the range. Graphics and interior trim continue unchanged, with the cost-option of Fumo leather.

Like all of the major players in the UK industry, Adria will also be offering Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) through Black Horse for its 2017 range. Some eight out of 10 new cars are bought this way, and it’s expected to become a popular option for caravanners: rather than buying the van outright, you pay a deposit, then a monthly fee for a period of up to five years, after which you can choose to part-exchange for a new caravan, pay a lump sum to buy it outright, or simply hand it back.

The 2017 Adria caravan range at a glance


Stylish updates for Adria’s entry-level line-up.

  • Adria Altea 362LH Forth – 3+1-berth, £14,295, 1200kg MTPLM, 1017kg MiRO
  • Adria Altea 472DS Eden – 5-berth, £15,935, 1350kg MTPLM, 1200kg MiRO
  • Adria Altea 542DK Severn – 6-berth, £15,935, 1415kg MTPLM, 1275kg MiRO
  • Adria Altea 552DT Tamar – 6-berth, £15,935, 1420kg MTPLM, 1270kg MiRO
  • Adria Altea 552UP Trent – 4-berth, £15,935, 1350kg MTPLM, 1208kg MiRO


The ‘Platinum Collection’ replaces the ‘Silver Collection’ at the top of the Adora range for 2017.

  • Adria Adora 612DL Seine – 4-berth, £19,335, 1600kg MTPLM, 1430kg MiRO
  • Adria Adora 612DT Rhine – 6-berth, £19,935, 1700kg MTPLM, 1480kg MiRO
  • Adria Adora 613DT Isonzo Platinum Collection – 4-berth, £21,040, 1750kg MTPLM, 1555kg MiRO
  • Adria Adora 613UT Thames Platinum Collection – 4-berth, £21,040, 1750kg MTPLM, 1555kg MiRO


The Astella bows out and makes way for the new, range-topping Alpina.

  • Adria Alpina 613UC Missouri – 4-berth, £27,640, 1900kg MTPLM, 1734kg MiRO
  • Adria Alpina 613UL Colorado – 4-berth, £27,040, 1900kg MTPLM, 1778kg MiRO

*Prices include a £545 delivery charge