At Hymer’s new-season event in Düsseldorf, the emphasis was on its premium models. And two ranges of Hymer caravans and one of Eriba caravans will be available to British buyers.

The star of the show was the new flagship, the Hymer Nova S (badged Eriba in its home market), which is coming to the UK. It is a three-model range featuring the single-axle 545 and two twin-axle tourers, the 620 and the 690.

Outside, Nova S vans are distinguished by smart, twin-spoke alloy wheels, automotive, wraparound, LED rear lights and cutouts for the steady winder guides that are reminiscent of a car’s trapezoidal tailpipes. Inside, with four fabric and leather combinations to choose from, buyers can tailor their tourer to their tastes. The imitation leather used for the wall in the seating areas really makes these feel like luxury caravans.

Illumination inside uses a combination of under-locker lighting, a large ceiling lamp and spotlights in the living areas. There are also new, individually adjustable, swan-neck reading lights in the bedrooms, plus ambient LED lighting under the kitchen cabinets and worktops.

Hymer caravans in the Nova S line-up are also fully winterised. This is thanks to having 51mm-thick floors, double-glazed and PU-framed windows, PUAL insulation and an insulated gas locker for the living area. Options available include an Alde hot water heater and hot water floor heater, as well as frost-proof plumbing. All models have Al-Ko Big Foot corner steadies as standard.

The range-topping, five-berth, 8.7m-long Hymer Nova S 690 has serious wow factor as you enter via the pull-out Thule step. It is packed with clever details and feels like a posh hotel due to the use of chrome detailing, ambient and LED lighting, and darker/grey wood.

With a 7.5m body length and 2.5m external width, space inside is, unsurprisingly, generous – although the penalty is a weight of 2300-2800kg, depending on the options chosen.

At the front is a welcoming U-shaped lounge with two headrests for optimum comfort. On the (UK) offside is a second U-shaped seating area, opposite the kitchen which, with its three-burner hob and electric hot plate, oven and grill should please British buyers. There’s also a good amount of kitchen storage, including two pull-out racking compartments, plus a Dometic fridge/freezer.

In the rear (UK) offside corner is a fixed double bed where there’s one of two TV points, the other in the living area. At the foot of the bed on the (UK) nearside wall is an elegant vanity unit with a stylish bowl sink and ambient LED lighting, a compact shower/toilet room with more ambient lighting in the (UK) nearside corner.

The Hymer Nova S 545 is priced from €33,790 (about £28,000), the 690 from €41,990 (about £35,000) – UK prices are yet to be confirmed.

The Touring range of Eriba caravans and the Hymer Nova GL range are also coming to the UK. The latter has been updated for the 2017 season and the 470, 541, 545, 580, 585, 590 and 620 will be available on these shores.

Fully winterised, Nova GLs sit on a lightweight Al-Ko chassis and are suitable for year-round touring. And with 1.98m of headroom, space inside is good, even for taller caravanners. Included in the standard kit list are alloy wheels (and one for the spare, too), Al-Ko ATC trailer control, Al-Ko AAA Premium Brake, Alde heating, a window and a bin in the habitation door, and much more.

We took the opportunity to look round the Hymer Nova GL 545 which, with its large, single, front window, has the appearance of a Brit-friendly tourer. Of course, its door is on the UK offside, but if you do much of your touring in Europe that’s no worry – and even if not, it’s not an insurmountable issue.

Step inside and the feeling that this is a caravan the UK market could warm to continues, thanks to its layout. The Nova GL 545 has a generous, triple-aspect, U-shaped front lounge and there’s plenty of storage space available in the overhead lockers above. At the rear is a fixed double bed, alongside a corner washroom, with a separate sink/vanity unit located opposite the foot of the bed.

Being a Continental caravan, you might not be surprised to learn that the Hymer Nova GL 545’s kitchen is of the compact kind. But with three gas burners, three deep, wide, soft-close drawers, two overhead cupboards and a worktop which while not huge certainly looks hard-wearing, it certainly doesn’t rule the model out of contention – and British market vans will get a Thetford Aspire hob, oven and grill, as well as a microwave.

The 2017 Hymer caravan range at a glance

Nova S

The new luxury, flagship range from Hymer.

  • Hymer Nova S 545 – single-axle, U-shaped front lounge, fixed double bed
  • Hymer Nova S 620 – twin-axle, U-shaped front lounge, twin fixed single beds
  • Hymer Nova S 690 – twin-axle, U-shaped front lounge, fixed double bed

Nova GL

  • Hymer Nova GL 470 – two-berth, 1600-1800kg MTPLM, fixed twin single beds at the front, 6.88m x 2.30m x 2.62m (L/W/H)
  • Hymer Nova GL 541 – four-berth, 1800-2000kg MTPLM, fixed twin single beds at the rear, 7.64m x 2.40m x 2.62m (L/W/H)
  • Hymer Nova GL 545 – four-berth, 1800-2000kg MTPLM, fixed double bed at the rear, 7.50m x 2.40m x 2.62m (L/W/H)
  • Hymer Nova GL 580 – four-berth, 1800-2000kg MTPLM, fixed twin single beds, 8.00m x 2.40m x 2.62m (L/W/H)
  • Hymer Nova GL 585 – four-berth, 1800-2000kg MTPLM, fixed double bed, 8.00m x 2.40m x 2.62m (L/W/H)
  • Hymer Nova GL 590 – four-berth, 1800-2000kg MTPLM, transverse island bed, 8.00m x 2.40m x 2.62m (L/W/H)
  • Hymer Nova GL 620 – four-berth, 2000-2300kg MTPLM, fixed twin single beds at the rear, 8.23m x 2.40m x 2.62m (L/W/H)