Caravan manufacturers seem to be having to pass the sharply increased supply chain costs they are facing straight on to consumers, if newly issued prices are anything to go by.

Erwin Hymer UK has raised prices for its unchanged models by at least 17% for the new 2023 season.

The rise at the County Durham firm is worth noting because, unlike many of its competitors, it makes a point of not raising prices mid-season. So new prices first revealed last autumn will have remained the same until this summer.

But new 2023 prices, introduced following the company’s season launch in September, mean that, for example, a new Elddis Avante 454 that was costing £21,699 in the middle of this year now costs £25,799.

All Avante and Affinity models, along with Compass Casita and Capiro, Xplore and Buccaneer, are going into the new season largely unchanged. Elddis Crusader and Compass Camino models have been updated with new exteriors and flush-fit windows, and widened to 8ft.

But the price rises are not just limited to EHG UK. Adria’s Adora models, for example, which remain largely unchanged this season, are currently for sale at prices 10% higher than they were in the middle of the year. And there are even bigger price hikes in the upmarket Alpina range: the two continuing models, the Colorado and Mississippi, have each risen in price by 13.3% to, respectively, £44,305 and £42,525.

The new front kitchen Rio Grande model, shortlisted for the best caravans for seasonal pitches category at the Practical Caravan Awards 2023, has been priced at £43,645.

Coachman, which raised prices mid-season in December last year, held onto them until its retail event in August. But since then prices on continuing models have risen by at least 7.5%. That has brought the price of its most expensive caravan, the twin-axle Lusso II, over the £50,000 mark for the first time.

Swift has managed more modest price rises recently, with new season Conqueror models only 3.17% above what they were in the middle of August. But comparisons are less easy to make here, as there have been changes to most Swift ranges this season.

Bailey does not follow a strict season pattern, but even still the price of a Pegasus Grande SE model is now 5% above what it was in the middle of the year.

Many manufacturers have also increased delivery charges, in some cases by over £100.

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